scale 1:∞

Ratio is an expression that compares quantities relative to each other, and through ratio we can infinitely rescale measurements like reducing the scale of a building to fit in a paper size. So, we use the scale 1:200 to draw a plan with basic information to understand the proportion in general, while 1:50 scale ratio reveals more details and information in the same plan. In this sense we understand that the change in scale changes our perception of the visual world.

Technology makes rescaling [or zooming in/out] a faster process that you hardly realize what or how you're perceiving like using AutoCad or Google Earth, so the space with technology is perceived with "any-scale-whatever".

Now we have two questions, first is how this new interaction with scale would affect our perception of space? and second is how can we apply or use this infinite scale as an existing value in the space we live? because I believe that possible methods in the virtual world, can be applied in our actual world.

would it be a space infinitely changing in scale, or a space of our immediate choice of scale?