my blog is dying

My blog is sick, and it seems it will die soon.
My notebooks are revolting over it, also my audio recorder.

I don't even feel like reading blogs, even those interest me..
I would like to have a time machine different from internet..

My house?

I thought once that internet is freedom
Now I think it gave me a free time, without free space.

I've been recently realizing that having a blog made people think they have the right to ask any question in mind, and have the right to feel anything towards a certain blogger.

I realized also that it made some family members understand me better, but still

I feel that pain of a student in her first day in school, in the last one..

I am lost in this inter net, I want to leave, I have no time to meet Oz but I would love to visit the wicked witch of the west in Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Leaving the internet in this time of history is like wearing a burqa'a_ although the burqa'a has a similar quality of internet like having an intimate relationship with a screen.

The internet also took off the spark from Queen Grimhilde and her marvellous Mirror, and changes the genre of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from fables to science fiction.

Looking back to my sentences... how possessive I am, associating all those verbs to myself.

Verbs do not deserve to be possessed.