Mobile Curse

I was shopping for food,
I turned it silent
They continued on calling,
but they were silent
This is what it said.

At 4 pm I no longer have a car
She drove me to a café,
She called, I answered;
until 6 pm I answered,
then I called

"I am in the library,
pick me up, please. I have no car,
the book shop? OK ...
"listen! turn left, listen!....."
it turned off; low battery

"Why should I take it with me? it's off"
"There is a charger here"
Two hours later, still off
I wanted to call someone,
but it's off

I have another car now,
I also have a charger
I don't want to use it,
it's better be off;
not silent, nor public

Off and away from a dilemma,
of answering and calling,
of sending and receiving
I have no car
I have no mobile

I closed one social network account yesterday,
I closed two, 5 months ago
Becoming claustrophobic I am,
from virtual social life, or is it? I don't know
becoming a plant I am
only weather I want to know

I picked some grapes from the fridge,
apricot-flavoured yoghurt,
and tea bags:
green, white and black
Then mobile under the daily bridge..
off to work