ميد got made

I think that June came in blank because I didn't believe in May. I believe in you dear months_ all of you! just be easy on me please.

July here you come, I know you will be a tough one, saturated like Turkish coffee.. like a paper filled with ink, to predict and to recall a face.

Someone suddenly uttered "ميد (a local fish called Made), you should call it so, feels like he's just had his lunch in a summer day in a Kuwaiti afternoon", another one remarked at the sight of the sketch: "it feels like [he got made]_as in God Father!"

I was thrilled by the verbal play of their sudden thoughts :)
long lives Alice in Wonderland!

in fact there are many ways of getting made.......or ميد;

A quoi ça sert l'amour?
created by Louis Clichy
3'03'' France, 2006