My friend is always saying that she believes in fairies, and I believe her. I believe in myths simply because we can name, describe and imagine them. They do exist. But recently I am encountering another dilemma. I read in a huge anonymous contemporary book about a new myth. It created itself to exceed all predictions. I haven't been dreaming about it because it never existed, yet, it completes the series of faces I draw.

We always assume that myths are imaginary, until a miracle happens and reassures it. But the phenomena that I read then saw, reassures nothing. It doesn't stimulate the whole humanity like rain or earth quacks. It only amazes the scientist in search for a meaning, or found in the eyes of the monk who's traveling for wisdom. It acquires an ultimate devotion. But when it's spread over many people, the myth returns to its normal cycle, when no one believes it, but they enjoy listening to the story.

My only doubt is whether it will continue to be immortal, or will vanish with the untold dreams and the hallucinations of an insane woman in a busy street.