Arch. Deema

I'm officially graduated thank god, I was told that I did great in the presentation, although my project is very critical in terms of location, yet I was convincing and clearly understood. the jurors were very interested and they started to discuss it with themselves :) one of them found a link with something i researched about but didn't say, which is really great to find him find all the links together :)

I still cannot describe the feeling, it is a great chill like a huge wave crossing my weak tired body. and i have this weird happiness smile on my face for the entire day as if i am programmed to smile :D

I had some moments of fear, a very critical position i find my self in.. but the best part is to hear the congratulations from all your friends and family :)

so happy so many things to do, i'm not officially with nothing to do yet :D

closing 5 years isn't fast.. getting to the graduation wasn't so fast, everything to me was very slow in motion. but i feel so great because i know a lot of things and i really believe that i earned my graduation.

now to new experience.. which i know nothing about.