Inside my bubble:

1-Write a book-portfolio about my study years.
[needed for all applications]

2- Apply on Kuwait Fund (الصندوق الكويتي للتنمية).
[valid for 2 years after graduating]

3-Apply to The Kuwait Municipality.
[needs great strength]

4-Target architectural workshops.
[not a job]

5-Establish a new study on architecture.
[but i won't do it for a professional degree]

6-Target idea or design competitions.
[either theoretical or humanitarian]

7-Join in building for low income communities around the world.
[risky but it is one of my highest dreams]

8-Hold on a private sector consultant.
[yeah..mmm.. experience.... yet static]

Note that any of these won't happen for all my life, what I've written is the most prior suggestions as a start. Sometimes i wish for something that can make me interested in all my life, i don't know what it might be.

Is there any suggestions or comments? please have your say.