A Letter:

Dear Dalal Arch,

I hope you are doing great in your foreign land. when you were here I never thought of this weird connection between us that makes us talk non-stop hours. I just enjoyed these times.. when you left I didn't really miss you, I am busy and I am not a person with attachment. after about 2 weeks I just couldn't help thinking about you all the time, bring up the "missing you subject" to all my friends but it came so achingly. Maybe this occurs with you in particular because I never felt our relationship is happening out of the form of duty.
Lately I worked a lot, my feelings were deserted for a while. my thoughts are going through extreme shifts. I demand many lonesome times. I don't know why I consider you a part of my lonesome time. I really don't know Dalal, but there is an urge in me to see you. is it a feel to escape what i am in (a lotta work) or a normal nostalgic feeling?
maybe this questioning is because I'm usually a solo in my daily life there are some moments in the day when i see people and then they fade within so many occurrences, coincidences and plans.
my brain is always busy, but rarely about other people, the people in my mind are very limited. I don't know if it's a good thing or not, it's not because I'm selfish but my head cannot stand not relating thoughts together that made my thoughts shift from the norm..
but this urge of traveling to where you are is making me into the absolute missing of a friend, although I am interested in the way you think it is no longer interesting at this time.. i just need this presence of someone I care about, not necessarily to have a conversation.