singing out streets

Edith Piaf, Paris

Um Kalthum, Cairo

These voices speak the streets of their cities, their environment, it's not about the words they sing, it is everything together even the audience count. listening to them is like sitting in a place, a lively moment it cannot be something other than you imagined, very specific moment, vivid and amazingly structured. you can construct the details of the place it takes you to. and it is definitely a place, no, not a space at all.
Having this perspective drives you to think more of what a space in music should be, i always thought it is jazz, but now i am also believing it to be cultural songs performed by many people, it starts to take you from a place to another, from a state to another. you cannot imagine or be indulged in one particular place when listening to them.

it shows you possibilities of motions, examples of life, musically expressed, without words, the words if exist, are not as dominant as the way people dance or perceive the song. you can notice in the jazz how the performance is directed to express. Thus, as i see it, the beauty of a place is highly shown in the sound of voice, while the beauty of space is expressed by the movement of performers.
groups and solos, can tell alot about the state we get into when we listen to music, or watch a musical performance.