Valentine, I looked up in my diaries for a poem that matches. But time judges that I should be wiser now than ever. I read once -in a story for children- that love is wiser than philosophy, and that should exclude love from language. Everyone comes upon valentine with a story to tell, it should be surely a story! Story is almost a standard adverb for Love.

In my love day,
I shall think of the gardens of red flowers,
I shall think of the old seller down the street.

Of master cooks who make

Or shall I think of a beautiful lady and a man holding her hand?

Maybe my thought becomes nicer if she pushes him to the fountain,
then, runs away!

Or maybe I shall think of a father who reserved a very romantic table,
in their favorite dining place,
“but please, can you add five little chairs”

Shall I think of love in pairs?
I’m afraid,
love might be a place!

No, no, it should be a “time in place
Was it place or space?
It’s space!
It’s place!
It is nowhere dear, you’re only dreaming,

A dream! What an idea of love.

Is a dream wiser than philosophy?
If love is a myth,
Then only reality needs it.

We need love in every bit of detail in our lives, because you will never know when does language falls apart.
~Deema, 2008


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