Until Further Notice

Dear WWW,

Deema will be off for the next few months because she is in great need to start the practical phase of her thesis project, design. This decision is taken not only because she, technically, has to graduate someday, but, because she really greatly misses design, and misses her non-digital life.

She knows that technology allows working on design by computer but she's an old fashion lady who likes manual ways of living.

She's very grateful for all of the very friendly bloggers who were always generous to step by and state an arrival specially,

Dalal arch
The Simper

Many thanks also goes to the friends who gave her oral comments as well as all the visitors.

Unlike any previous pauses of hers, she's not going to be able to comment on her bloggers' circle of friends posts. She's sincerely sorry about that.

The only update will be on the ART AGENDA column on the side bar.

She reassures you all that "life is beautiful" even in the hard times, only, if you remain natural. She says: "Please review your surroundings, reading shouldn't be the only method of knowing. not even cinema can capture the vision of eyes".

Good Days,