T-Square: Issue 3

The Architecture Magazine - University of Kuwait

Theme of this eddition: Signature

Table of Contents:

-Defining Signature

  • Note for Clarification

  • من خلال التوقيع

  • What Creates It ?

  • الرمز، و مسيرة نحو معرفة الذات

  • Signature.

-Signature of A Person

  • Frank Gehry: A Biography

  • Interview: Architect Abdullah Al Faisal Al Sabah.

-Signature of A Place

  • Sequal I: The Signature in Desquise as The Norm's- Missconception of Valid Architecture
  • Moroccan Architecture

-Signature of A Time

  • Masking Society

  • Super-sizing Real-Estate.

  • poetry: كان

-Signature of An Ideology

  • McDonaldology: The Visual Aspect of Architecture

  • Toward Extreme.

  • Folding Architecture

  • Case By Case

-Showcasing Signature

(Photographs taken by students are included)

note: provided in Department of Architecture 5Kh - Khaldiya Campus