Blueprints: A Series of Portraits and Letters

November 6, 2016 - Museum of Modern Art, Kuwait. 

B_Exhibition photos-1.jpg

The work on this series started in 2008. Over the years, I was trying to build the relationship between portraits and letters. In the process of writing, we imagine characters, roles, physical features and measures of intellect. However, writing a letter is a specific act resulting a level of familiarity in the imagined persona captured between a distorted memory of someone we know, and an instant clarity of an unknown face. For this exhibition, I made a subjective inventory of all directional and dialectic texts upon which I started to produce the portraits. The portraits were improvised and painted without preliminary sketches, my intention is not to perfect an imagined form, but instead to allow it to differ and respond to time and error from within each letter.

The work was displayed inside a strip of transparent plastic sheet forming two opposing series. The installation was done in collaboration with my friend Dalal Y.Alhashash, whom I am grateful to for offering her genuine support during the preparation for the exhibition, from material testing to the final touches in addition to being the editor of the film that shows the work process of the series.

During the launch of this exhibition, Mohammed Al-Owaisi participated in enriching the evening by improvising a beautiful music composition inspired by the series. You can listen to it while viewing the work. 

Acknowledgments My sincere thanks also goes to the National Council for Arts and Letters for hosting the event and facilitating its realization. I would also like to thank all the employees of the museum for their sincere hospitality and help especially from Mr. Hashim Alshammaa the museum director and Mr. Khalil the museum guard.

Many thanks goes to my friend Rudaina Alqatami and my sister Sara Alghunaim for their great help before and during the event and to my friend Dalal M.Alhashash who waited patiently for the realization of this work.