Madad: Monitoring Movement

December 25, 2012. The Free Atelier.

madad postcard_bw.jpg

It is longitudinal idea. As far as the sight goes. My father, Abdullah Al-Ghunaim, did a study on the geomorphology of The Arabian Peninsula, through which he inspects the names and forms of geographic features and registers the changes that accrued in comparison to the old geographical manuscripts. I have been intrigued by this research through my study of architecture where, as part of my graduation project, I traced the historical evolution of forms. And I found that studying these forms adds empirical dimensions to that research.

Through my attempts to understand the nature of the ground and the operations it is exposed to, I wrote social and psychological parallels that I collected in a draft of crude relations. And it is a scriptural experience between linguistic and visual terminologies that the language desired to allocate to certain topics whereas if they got out of their context, it might become the beginning of new relations between words and forms.

Fortunately, my family decided to go on a road trip from Kuwait to Mecca, there was the experience Iʼve been longing for. The Arabian Peninsula is an old rock shield consisting of Sedimentary Rocks accumulated over Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks. Accordingly, the trip is a transition from the Sedimentary Rocks rising to the mountains of the old rock shield. Therefore, It is a trip to what is older.

My aim during the trip was to document my notes along with my fatherʼs notes about the nature of the ground and its forms, however, the aim went beyond recording towards observations about perception and movement. We ride a car; a vehicle that travels at the speed of 100 to 120 km/hr. with six people inside, it has windows and contains a radio. So senses of hearing and vision have been added to it, which makes it the person that carries the rest.

Speed affects the accuracy of the process of vision, the faster we move the more we are drawn to the horizon. And the faster we move, the more images get reserved into the subconscious. Matching the prolonged description of the method of vision with the prolonged monitoring of movement makes us see with perceptive sight what we go through every day and have disappeared of our perception as a result of being accustomed to.

It is, as I have mentioned, a longitudinal idea to which I have given graphs in order to elongate it further more, or maybe to limit its complexity. And if the word “Madad” has a direct connection to Sufism to reach God, It might also be a connection to what is in nature around us that we do not see after the great cultural evolution that accrued in the last two centuries where natural resources stream into projects that depends mainly on speed.


Thank you to my family, friends and individual supporters for their all means of encouragement throughout the process (Marwa Marafi, Amani Albedah, Sarah Alzouman, Dalal Y Alhashash, Zahra Ali Baba, Zainab Alhadher, Bu Soud and Ashraf.) A word of gratitude to my father and his library and many thanks to 'Raw Design Studio' for their support of Arts and Cultural events in Kuwait. Last and not least, a special thanks to all the staff of the National Council for Culture Arts and Letters and their warm hospitality in the free atelier; a place of special charm.